The light of wisdom dissipates the matter (or disease);
the patient once more finds himself freed of opinions;
happiness is restored, and all is quiet.

~  Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby


(Final of six articles on 'What is God?')
Aug. 9, 1861

Perhaps by this time, it would be well to sum up all this journey; describing how I got into this land and how I got out of it. I will do so in a few words.

After I found that mind was matter, I found that ideas were matter, condensed into a solid called “disease,” and that it contained all the wisdom of its author, like a book. Seeing the book (for sight, with wisdom, embraces all senses; hearing, tasting, etc.), I open it and see through it. To the patient, it is a sealed book, but to wisdom there is nothing hid which cannot be revealed or seen; nor so far off that it cannot be reached.

So I read the contents of the book to the patient, and show that it is false. Then as the truth changes his mind, the darkness of his mind is lit up, till he sees through the error of disease. The light of wisdom dissipates the matter (or disease); the patient once more finds himself freed of opinions; happiness is restored, and all is quiet.

What I said above is produced on me by the patient, by lighting up the mind and making the patient clairvoyant; so that his own senses see through the priest's and doctor's opinion. This dissipates the opinion; for it is nothing but a shadow, taken for a substance - and the misery comes from mistaking the opinion for a truth. Here is the trouble that arises from opinions.

Now let men cease from giving opinions - or let the people understand that there is no wisdom in one, then you shut the mouths of these barking dogs, howling night and day, which keep the people in constant excitement. Look at these barking editors - they do more harm than the army. If Congress would muzzle these apes, so they should not tread down fields of wisdom and let in the swine to prey upon the corn of government, the people would be glad; for the government is as much diseased as the individual.

If the prescription of the President is equal to the disease, then amputation of some of its limbs will not be needed; but if these blind editors, speculators and Northern politicians are allowed to prescribe for the patient, I am afraid that it will linger along, till its blood is so far gone that it will go into a decline, lose its identity and become a den of thieves.

There is no doubt that the government is bilious and needs purging to rid itself of the aristocracy that wants to rule after the manner of these opinions; for these opinions are the disease, and the government was born with this infirmity. But disease, being an aristocracy founded on opinion, cannot be truth; so in darkness it tries to spread over the whole body, and it always makes trouble to save its life; for if it keeps still, the tide of progression will overflow it, and it will be lost.

So the South (or disease) tries to hold its power, and it takes weapons that will be sure to destroy their object; for the extension of slavery is the disease, and to carry out the idea is to destroy it. They, being ignorant of the wisdom of the North, have got up false issues and have been successful in making the people admit them till, finally driven to their last extremity, they have shown their cloven foot; so that the North and West have stopped to examine into their troubles. Seeing no chance for escape (or getting up any more false issues), they show their shrewdness, like the opossum, by lying low and crying out, "Let us alone, we want nothing to do with you."

Thinking by proceeding thus, the North, rather than quarrel, will propose something by way of compromise. The timid and weak are pressing the North and West to build up something, but the President says, “If you have wrongs, lay them before Congress,” and the South whines and says, "Let us alone." This is to get up a sympathy in the North; and meanwhile, they steal from the government, till they have shown their true character and have obliged the North to pass laws for their own safety; which must destroy the very institution which the North has never opposed - that is slavery. The very acts of the South will destroy slavery, and it cannot be helped.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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