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Copperheads Caught in Their Own Trap

The trap set by the Copperheads was to defeat the administration, and for that purpose they invented all sorts of plans to embarrass the administration. They opposed the war as unjust and cruel and used all their efforts to embarrass the government in raising troops, saying it was a “nigger” war and “let them fight it out,” and by trying to prevent men from enlisting. Yet some of the Democrats would not heed the warning, so when the people appeared to cry aloud to those that would enlist, they used all their efforts to stop their men from going.

At last when the cities and towns voted to pay the soldiers for going, they opposed that and said it was not legal; and they would not pay their taxes. So they threw every obstacle in the way they could, to prevent the government from getting men. They would not take any interest in the welfare of the poor sick soldiers; would not subscribe anything, nor go themselves. In all this there was no law to compel them, and they expected to have their property protected and get rid of all the burdens that they could.

So when the government saw the drift of these Copperheads, they saw that the burden was on the administration. So to remove this burden, or make it fair and equal, they passed the conscription act. Now this act worked, like all traps, and caught them in their own trap - for this brought them up all standing. At first they bounded and surged and tried to get clear - but the more they tried, the tighter the bands held.

Seeing that the draft must come, the next thing was to prevent the men from going, so a plan was set on foot to let the towns vote to pay them three hundred dollars for a substitute. This is all the government wanted, for they could get men everywhere for that; thus they have been caught in their own trap.

So now if the towns have to pay, they will have to be taxed, so they have but one more loophole; that is this - there is no law to collect this tax, if the people refuse to pay; and in this case, there must be a law passed. So they expect the Republican Party will take the loans, and they would say to their Copperhead brothers, “This money was raised by the Black Republicans, and if you will vote for me, I will oppose every law that will make you liable - and they will repudiate this debt.”

So one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All vote for the money to be raised - but let the capitalist assure the money to the bank.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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