Now everything that exists outside of the mind would exist if there was no person to see it,
but every person that believes it - to him it exists in a belief.
 ~ Phineas Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

On Disease Being in the Mind

When I say that all disease is in the mind and that mind is matter, it is to the hearer simply an assertion - for he thinks there is no proof of it. All, I suppose, will admit that what we say and believe is attributed to the mind. Again, we say such a person's mind is "disturbed" and they have "lost their mind;" so memory is called mind, and if you forget anything, you say it “slipped your mind.”

Now if I tell you of something you never saw, and you believe it - is not your belief mind? Again, is not what a man believes, to him, knowledge?But should I ask you if you were ever in London, and you say no, yet believe there is such a place or city as London - is not your belief of it, mind - and is not the city in your belief?

Now suppose you are standing in one of the parks in London. Is that a belief or a fact? If it is a fact, you have no mind about it! Now here you see a city that exists outside of the mind (or belief). Now everything that exists outside of the mind would exist if there was no person to see it, but every person that believes it, to him it exists in a belief. And as a belief is mind, everything that man creates is in the mind and shadowed forth to the mind.

For instance, trees exist outside of the mind. When man conceives the idea of making a house, the idea is in the mind, but the timber has no mind. It exists outside. But when the wisdom makes the house, its body represents the idea made in the mind. Now we call the wood of which the house is built “matter.”

Now suppose we think that if we go out-of-doors we shall take cold; the belief is our mind - and also the belief that there is something to take or catch. Now this “something” is like the wood - it is to make something. Now all the aforesaid exist in the mind, the same as the wood. The fact that there is something must be a belief - for we have not seen it nor felt it, any more than we did London; but presently we do feel it. So does it not exist in the feelings or mind?

At last we see it - and as we believe, catch it. Now where did it come from? From the cold. Now suppose there never was a person - could that something exist? And if it could not, then it existed in the mind. This shows that the mind is something - call it what you please.






Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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