Now the God I worship has no fellowship with man's opinions.
So to cure the disease is to break in pieces their opinions.

~  Phineas P. Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby


(1859, cont.)

In the preceding article I asked the question:
What is disease?
And in that I gave the causes.

Now I will describe how it is brought about - and the cure.

I said that God was the embodiment of man's belief (or opinions).

These opinions have been forced on man like burdens till the people have had to yield to their weight and make the best of it.

Yet they murmur and complain - but dare not raise their voice in support of the God of wisdom.

Opinions embrace nothing but false wisdom.
They, of themselves, have no element of adhesion - therefore their life depends on cohesion (or force).

So laws are established and penalties attached, and if the people grumble, laws and penalties are applied, "sanctioned by God" - and you are told of the laws of God - while this same God is only the embodiment of their opinions reduced to law.

Disease is the result of disobeying these laws - so man is made to believe a lie - that he may be condemned to sickness!

For instance, we are told that if we go out and expose ourselves to God's cold (or law), we shall be sick.

Here man makes God the author of his own act - that he sometimes cannot help - and then punishes him for disobeying it.

If he exposes himself, he dare not find fault with the punishment - so he lives all his life subject to a tyrant that will take advantage of his ignorance to torment him.

This belief makes him a servant to sin and to man's opinion. So his life is in the hands of the priests and doctors to be handled to suit their convenience.

Thus man is a mere lump of clay in the hands of these blind guides - and whatever they say to the people, they believe.

Their beliefs disturb the mind, and the doctors sow the seed of disease - which they nurse till it grows to a belief.
Then comes the misery.

Now the God I worship has no fellowship with man's opinions.
So to cure the disease is to break in pieces their opinions.

This places man on his own wisdom - independent of man's God (or opinion). Then he sees the one living and true God who rewards everyone according to his acts - not his beliefs.

To believe in this God is to know ourselves - and that is the religion of Christ.

It is Christ in us - not opinions that we are in.

Just as we know this truth, we are of and a part of God. Then we become joint heirs of God and will be guided by the wisdom of the father of all truth.

This purifies and cleanses our minds from all opinions and leads us into the world of Science where opinions never come.

Then one man shall not lead us by his opinions. But if one says, "Here is the truth" - let him prove it.

This raises man to a higher self-respect - and if man does not respect himself - he cannot complain if others do not respect him.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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