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A Future Life

All persons admit that after death there is something that lives. Now where is that something? When man is alive, you see him moving around, talking, reasoning, etc. All this is a truth and a part of man. We are all told so and taught to believe that this body (or man) contains life; that after a while it decays and dies, and there is an end of it. Now where is the proof that there is anything which rises from the grave (or this body), according to the common opinion of man's belief? Does not the common opinion go to strengthen this belief? Are we not all taught by the clergy to prepare for death; that it will come sooner or later, and we must die and run the chance of a hereafter?

The doctors also preach the same story and invent all manner of bugbears in the form of disease, to frighten us into the belief that we are in danger of death all the time. Public opinion falls in with the same belief, and is it strange that, with all this influence acting upon us, sickness and misery, and all sorts of trouble must follow this belief? Now what is there to counteract all these facts? A mere belief that 1800 years ago, a man was on earth that God acted through - or a more absurd idea - that it was God, himself, that left his throne in heaven and came down on earth and told the inhabitants that there was a place after death that he had prepared for them that loved him; and all those that did not love him more than all other things or earthly friends could not get into this place of happiness, but were to be shut out (or excluded) from the presence of God. This was eternal banishment from his presence.

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