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Dr. Phineas P. Quimby


April 1860

When two persons are in harmony in regard to a fact, they are as one, for there is no jar. The fact may be of truth or error, but if they are of the same opinion in regard to it, then they harmonize. If the harmony is pleasure, it is well; if it is trouble, it is harmony with them and discord with something else. Error cannot be in harmony with truth. Ignorance is as a blank; error is the working of ignorance to arrive at harmony (or truth). Truth is a science that can govern this chemical change in ignorance, to bring it in harmony with science.

I will illustrate. Ignorance produces sounds; error arranges them into a tune. Truth reduces the error to a science, so that it can be taught. These then are as one. Each one is dependent on the other, for if there was no ignorance, there could not be any error. Then there could be no happiness, for happiness is the result of some act (or belief).

Truth contains no happiness, nor misery but is that power (or knowledge) that governs all things, according to itself. This truth is in all men, but it is not in the brutes; for it is not matter, but the knowledge of creating matter or destroying it. Therefore, fear not that power that can destroy the body and nothing more, but fear that power that can destroy both body and soul; for all the above is matter and mind.

The power that can create and destroy matter is proved by error, for it is the destruction of the life of error. Ignorance says in its heart that there is no such power. Error knows that there is but is ignorant of its locality. To ignorance, this power is as an unknown God. The knowledge of this power is the harmony of one person in trouble with another, in truth and happiness.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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