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As an illustration of what I claim to have discovered - which the natural man has never had any proof of, except by a belief - I will take an egg. Man would never have believed it contained a chicken, until he had the truth developed before his eyes.

Take a pair of doves, when they are first hatched, and keep them separate from all other doves, till they come to maturity. Now will anyone deny but that the female dove has a certain knowledge, instinct or something equivalent to it that there is something contained in the egg, similar to herself, and she will act accordingly and hatch and protect her young, to the best of her ability?

Now that “something” - call it what you will - is superior to the natural man. The chicken is not ignorant of itself as being in the world, till it breaks through the shell - for it is possessed of life and will peep and peck. This wisdom in man is like the unhatched chicken, trying to break through the shell of error and assume its real character (or identity). The chicken is not ignorant of its identity in the shell; nor is the child of wisdom ignorant that it exists. Although it knows that it is in the shell of superstition, it is beating the hammer of science to break the shell (or prison) and escape from belief into the land of science.

Take a person, as we see him. Place him in a mesmeric state. Then he, to world, is like the chicken in the shell. His natural senses (or shell) lies cold and clammy as death; for speak to it, and it moves not. You touch it, and it awakens no response. Now every person has life and intelligence, not of the body nor within the medium of its senses; for the mesmeric sees and describes things at a distance, which it would be impossible to do through his natural senses - and still he has all his senses and will taste and smell and describe what no one present knows anything of. Now here you have an invisible being that exists outside of his senses, describing things truthfully, which you never saw or heard of. Now let it break through the shell that binds it and awaken (or pass into this world), and at last it begins to act in another sphere.

Now what I am trying to teach is to educate man up to that state where he shall know that he exists and can prove to the natural man what the natural man knows nothing of and has never acknowledged.






Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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