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You ask me to explain what I mean by that intelligence that is independent of a person's identity as a natural man. I will try to give you the true answer. The natural man is made of the substance called dust of the ground; that is, of living matter. This matter is always changing; and as it is life, it receives into it the essence of wisdom; and this essence (or identity) receives its birth from wisdom (or the First Cause).

As wisdom is all knowledge, it fills all space; so that the natural life (or matter) is its servant. So as this wisdom spoke the identity called “man” into existence, essence is in that identity. So that when a child is born, the matter contains this essence.

Now I speak of the natural man. He is made of mind and matter. The matter is that part that compares to death; the mind is that which is called the wisdom of matter. Now wisdom is the First Cause. The essence is the result or effect of wisdom.

Every living being is made of this essence (or idea) of matter. This essence is wisdom (or progression); and as it is attached to matter, it has its father or mother that protects it, till it is able to protect itself. But the wisdom of matter has its identity, just as much as the wisdom of God has its identity; so that man has two identities - one of error and the other of science. So as one is destroyed, the other is set free.

Each wisdom has no form; only as it is attached to an idea. Our wisdom may or may not be attached to things seen by the natural man. Yet it has an identity and is the very substance that makes the shadow we call “man.” But the natural man is so gross, that he cannot see wisdom (or light); so that things must be shrouded in darkness.

When I speak to you, that which speaks is not the thing that speaks, but the shadow of the substance. I think I hear you say, “I do not understand.” That voice comes from the world of error. But I hear a different voice that speaks from the inner scientific man, saying, “I understand.”






Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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