The laws of love are the destruction of the laws of error,
and they make us a law to ourselves.
 ~  Phineas Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

Love II

December 1859

What is the strongest feeling in man or woman? Love for the sake of love for others. For this love, they will lay down their lives, when directed by knowledge - for no passion can follow true love.

What makes what is called “animal passion?” Ignorance (or error) of ourselves; not understanding the truth. Love contains no fear; ignorance puts a false construction on love. Here lies all the trouble. Love and ignorance are the mother and father of all error (or disease). Now to know ourselves is to know the truth of this problem.

Love is an element of itself, without any form. It has no length nor breadth, nor height nor depth. It neither comes nor goes. It fills all space and melts all error down that comes within its power. Its power is its heat; its heat is its love. It is heaven. For this love, Christ laid down all his “animal life” (or passions) for mankind, that they might understand themselves and be saved from the endless hell (or misery) that follows our ignorance of this power (or love).

On these two powers - love and ignorance - hang all the law and the gospels. The gospel is love. The law is error. Therefore, when you are under the law, you become subject to the laws and penalties. When you are free from the law, it has no power over you. This law of love is that love in mankind that is working in us (or error) to bring us to truth and set us free from the law of sin (or death).

The laws of love are the destruction of the laws of error, and they make us a law to ourselves. This law of love has no penalties (or prisons), but like the bird that flies in the sky, is not troubled with earthly laws, but is a law to itself. Its purity is its buoyancy. Its ignorance is its weight (or stupidity). Each is governed by a sort of intelligence - like science and ignorance. As ignorance and superstition are what are under the law of error, science and truth are their opponents. And the mind is the medium of them both; like the telegraph wire, a medium of truth and error.

Love is a substance, like food, that comes from heaven to feed the soul. Error is matter and contains reason and all the faculties. Love is the true answer to our desire. In our desire is our hope. And when we get that which we hope for

it contains nothing but true knowledge (or love). No sorrow, nor pain, nor grief, nor shame, nor fear.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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