We are all taught to believe that mind is wisdom - and here is the trouble.
For if mind is wisdom, then wisdom cannot be relied on -
for all will admit that the mind changes.

~  Phineas P. Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

Mind & Disease

July 31, 1861

I have often spoken of the word mind as something which I call “matter.” I use this term from the fact that man cannot comprehend wisdom in any other way than as attached to matter, although they always make a difference between them. We always speak of mind and matter as different. One is something, and the other is really nothing - or it is like velocity, which is the result of motion. Now velocity is not the result of motion, but is the power that makes the motion. And mind is the weight (or error) to be moved, while wisdom is the power (or velocity). And as weight cannot see the power (or velocity), so mind cannot see the wisdom that governs it.

There is another element called “reason” - like friction - which sees the effect, but being ignorant of the cause, puts weight and velocity together and calls them one. This reason in man is the result of a chemical change of the mind.

We are all taught to believe that mind is wisdom - and here is the trouble. For if mind is wisdom, then wisdom cannot be relied on; for all will admit that the mind changes. The ancient, as well as modern philosophers, knew that this mind (or wisdom) could be changed; so they tried to separate one from the other, calling one “soul” and the other “matter” (or mind). Jesus separates the two by calling one the wisdom of this world and the other, the wisdom of God. If we can understand what he meant by “this world,” then we can follow him along.

I have spoken of that element in man called “reason.” This is a low intellect, a little above the brute, which is the link between God and mind, and the same that is called by Jesus the wisdom of this world; for this world is called “matter.” Now mind is the spiritual earth which receives the wisdom of this world of reason. Disease is the fruit of the wisdom of this world. And the wisdom of God (or science) is the clearing away of the foul rubbish that springs up in the soul (or mind).

This rubbish is the false ideas sewn in the mind by the blind guides, priests and physicians who cry, “Peace,” when there is no peace. This wisdom is of this world and must come to an end, when the axe of wisdom shall strike at the roots of their theories and lay them low. Then the fire of truth shall run through this world of error and burn up the stubble; and the plough of science, guided by the wisdom of God and pressed forward by the power of eternal truth shall root out of the mind (or matter) every root and stubble. Then error can find no place to take root in the soil. Then minds - like a rich, cultivated vineyard - shall spring forth that which shall be sweet to the taste and pleasing to the eye. Then man can see and judge of the tree for himself, whether its fruits are those of error and opinions or of science.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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