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The Mode of Curing Disease


Every person that pretends to cure disease has some peculiar mode or remedy to cure, for they have the idea that disease is something that needs some sort of treatment. Now as disease is believed in as a thing - the question is how to get rid of it. So persons come to me, not knowing how I cure, and have no idea of my manner. And, although they know that I give no medicines, yet they are at a loss to understand how they can be cured. So this leads to all sorts of questions by my patients.

For the benefit of those who do not know, I will relate some of the conversation I have with some of my patients. A gentleman from Boston wrote me a letter, asking me if I could cure him; giving me his symptoms as near as he could and saying that, if I thought I could cure him, he would give me one-hundred and fifty dollars - if I would come to Boston and cure him, for he could not leave his business. I wrote to him that I never warranted a cure; but if he would come to Portland - if I did not tell him all about his symptoms, without his letting me know who he was - I would not ask any fee; and if I cured him, my charge was two dollars.

In the course of three or four weeks, a person came into my office and said he wished to be examined to see if anything ailed him. So I sat down. At the time I sat down with him, he had not given me his name nor residence. I supposed he lived in the City. After telling him all his feelings, he said I was right and then told me his name. I then went on to explain the cause of his feelings and showed him the absurdity of his own belief and explained how he had been humbugged by his doctors in Boston, and made it so plain that he understood it.

After I got through he said, “If what you have said is true, what need is there of my staying here any longer?” I said, “If you have understood what I have said and see where you have been deceived, you will be alright.” He laughed and said, “I feel well now.” Then said I, “You may return in the car.” He went down to dinner, paid me, thanked me and returned to Boston the same afternoon, and was alright. Now this is one case out of a hundred I could bring to prove that disease is a belief - and to correct it, all is right.

I will state one more, for it was so easily cured. A lady patient came to see me from out of town some hundred miles, with a lame knee. The knee was swollen quite hard, and when she went to walk, she complained of it hurting her under the knee, in the cord or muscles. I sat down and mentally asked her to walk, and I saw mentally where the trouble was. Instead of the knee, it was the ankle. This she could not believe, for she had hurt her knee at the time she walked, but soon after it became lame. The doctor blistered and cupped it and tried all the remedies in his power to make a white swelling. So I got up and showed her how she walked, and showed her that it was impossible for her to walk as she did, without limping and hurting her. She looked and saw how she walked; then I told her how to correct her step and made her understand, and then said, “Now, you try.” So she tried - and walked right off, without hurting her. “Now,” said I, “Walk as you used to.” So when she walked as she did, it had the sore feeling; but when she corrected her error, she walked right. So she returned to Salem.





Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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