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Dr. Phineas P. Quimby

A New Theory on the Cure of Diseases

A gentleman of Belfast by the name of P. P. Quimby has, for the last sixteen years, been engaged in the investigation of the science of mesmerism, so far as it relates to the cure of disease, to see if it could be reduced to a science. After careful investigation, he has come to this result - that the cure of disease is as much a science as correcting the error of any other science.

His ground is that all the knowledge of disease is in the mind. He calls our feeling the disease. The mind changes the fluids; therefore, to correct the mind, you correct the fluids. He believes that mind is spiritual matter, and by changing the combination of this matter, it is shown in the form of disease.

He shows the difference between his theory and all others. He explains all other theories on one platform; differing only in the medicines. He says all theories admit of disease independent of the mind. They also admit disease as a thing that can be acted upon by some drug or medicine.

He places all theology and knowledge from a spirit world in the same category, and says that all the above theories have their peculiar medium through which they act upon the mind of the patient; each and all acting upon the mind of the patient, without having the slightest knowledge of where the trouble lies. They sometimes make a difference between “nervous disease.” He describes the medium through which they act. (The allopathic physician approaches the patient through this medium. He admits the error his patient has embraced.)

I will here take one case to illustrate all the rest - disease of the lungs. This they all admit, from the allopath to the spiritualist. This I set down as an error; admitted as a disease by them all. They differ in regard to the means of medicine to be used to get rid of a disease, or something that has come upon a person without any knowledge on his part.

I said they all have their mediums. The allopathic physician thinks his medicines contain some healing qualities that can change the fluids of the system and bring about a better state. His first object is to gain the confidence of his patient. This is done in various ways - some by holding out the idea of his superior knowledge over his brother physician; others by running down the old practice, by holding out the idea that their medicine is poison. The spiritualist holds out the idea that he receives his medicine from a spirit world. He admits the same diseases as all the rest, though he only differs in the remedies.

Now the patient is left to choose one or the other of the above remedies. His friends sit in and give their opinions. They differ as much as the doctors; each wishing to have his own way, until at last a physician is sent for, and the experiment commences. One thing after another is tried until, out of patience, the physician is discharged, and another is sent for. Throughout all of these experiments, not one word is hinted at that the trouble is in the mind.

When all fails and the patient is left to die, he then sends for Quimby to sit down and tell him how he feels, and at the same time, telling him that the trouble is in his mind. This requires proof, for it strikes at the root of all the others' theories. He then shows that a proper understanding of themselves will change the mind and bring about the very thing desired! He believes that every word or idea spoken contains something - and this something changes the mind of the patient. He sees the spiritual form of the patient with whom he converses and wins it back to itself. This he repeats until the patient is restored to health. His idea of disease is error that changes the mind. Truth restores the mind and changes the fluids.






Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby



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